About Mills & Clarke

Mills & Clarke is a legal consultancy firm and not a law firm. Strange? Well, maybe you are not yet familiar with this concept, but we consider this to be one of our main assets.

Because we are not lawyers Mills & Clarke does not treat its files in the context of a judicial procedure. This means Mills & Clarke is much more capable of thinking from your perspective as an entrepreneur. The challenges your business is facing as well as possible opportunities are taken into account to determine how to make the law work in your favor.

To put it in order words, Mills & Clarke will always set itself the goal to make the law pay dividends for your company. We do not waste time and energy conducting judicial procedures. If you are involved in a conflict, Mills & Clarke will first and foremost try to solve this via mediation. In most cases both parties are willing to resolve their differences and the issue can be settled amicably in a satisfactory manner. Such a solution is more discrete and cost effective.

Secondly Mills & Clarke is a niche firm specializing in ICT and intellectual property law. This high degree of specialization assures Mills & Clarke can treat its files with proper knowledge.

However, despite this specialization it is important to Mills & Clarke to treat files in an informal and pragmatic way. We will never deliver an advice that reads like an academic paper leaving you scratching your head wondering what to do. It’s also our goal to deliver advice that creates sufficient added value so it earns itself back.

Practice areas

ICT law

  • IT agreements
  • Aspects of intellectual property
  • Domain name disputes
  • Notice and takedown
  • Hosting – Cloud – SaaS
  • Privacy
  • E-commerce
  • Electronic signature

Intellectual property

  • Copyright and neighboring rights
  • Trademarks, trade names and domain names
  • Protection of software
  • Protection of databases
  • Confidential information and know-how
  • Agreement relating to intellectual property
  • Designs