Mills & Clarke delivers legal consultancy relating to ICT and intellectual property.

These services are typically charged at an hourly rate agreed upon with the client, reflecting the extent and difficulty of the assignment as well as the size of your company.

For limited and well-defined assignments we also offer the option of a fixed fee. That way you can avoid unpleasant financial surprises.

If you would require more structural legal support there is also the option of a subscription. That way you are entitled to a certain amount of hours per week at a reduced rate. When preferred we will be physically present at your company during these hours. These subscriptions are very flexible and can be terminated or altered on a monthly basis.


In the field of ICT and intellectual property good contracts are vastly important. Mills & Clarke gladly takes care of the drafting, review and negotiating of your contracts. A wide range of contracts are no stranger to Mills & Clarke:

  • Licensing and transfer of intellectual property
  • Confidentiality agreement – NDA
  • Research and development – R&D
  • Professional services agreement – PSA
  • Service level agreement – SLA
  • Hosting – Cloud – SaaS
  • Maintenance
  • General terms and conditions (webshops or service providers such as programmers, web designers, graphic designers,…)
  • End User Licence Agreement – EULA
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy
  • Commercial agency and distribution
  • Outsourcing


When confronted with a conflict that can be solved outside of the court room, Mills & Clarke can assist you with the mediation of the issue at hand. We can also assist you with the drafting of a settlement agreement that permanently resolves the conflict.

Apart from that Mills & Clarke can represent you in arbitration such as a domain name conflict at CEPANI. Mills & Clarke can also represent you in certain administrative procedures such as rebutting office actions, trademark opposition as well as invalidation and cancellation requests.